‘Extra’ Time.


These days I talk less of individual character traits that made my dad, the forever 80’s man he was, and instead think about how he lived dedicated his life, perhaps even unknowingly, to better the lives of other people. A real, flawed, occasionally broken, sometimes insane man who’s unwavering desire to care for others made this world a better place for 40-some-odd years with such natural and effortless ease.



It’s been 1,825 days since we last met. Almost 60 months since I’ve heard your voice. 261 weeks since I’ve seen your eyes. 43,799 hours since I’ve felt your arms wrap around me, or hands squeeze my shoulders in affection. Far too long since my last groan-inducing dad-joke or fit of laughter over the most seemingly-innocuous (and quite frankly dumb) thing. Continue reading …

No, Teddy Ruxpin is Not out to get you.

30F30, Life

When I was young, I had a toy called Teddy Ruxpin.  Children of the 80’s should instantly know of Teddy’s fame.  A bizarrely beige stuffed bear with a torso of hard plastic covered by what I can only assume was that giant lead bib they drape over you when taking x-rays at the dentist office. Continue reading …

You Can’t Control What Happens

30F30, Life

It’s fitting that this is my first 30F30 – considering my intent was to start doing these on the first of September; and then on the 9th of September, and then on the 10th of September…and here we are on the 16th of September.  But hey…You can’t control what happens. (#studentlifetime?)  Regardless… Continue reading …

30 Days of 30 Years

30F30, Life

As of  11PM on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 I’ve officially traveled around the sun exactly 30 times.  I’ve experienced 29 New Years, 29 Christmases, 30 spring thaws, and had the pleasure of gathering with the people most important in my life to celebrate my entry into this world for exactly three decades. Continue reading …