Hello. My Name’s Cody Silfies.

I’m a 2005 graduate of NEIT, a 2009 graduate of UVM, and a 2014 graduate of Larry’s Online Institute of Hat-Trick Magic*.  Here’s the skinny, a cliff notes version if you will – My love affair for the web, design and doodles dates all the way back to my public schooling years as a form of rebellion against my mother’s anti-technological ways and internet barren household.  This cause led me through many design programs and art classes and wound up landed me in Burlington, VT for 4 years at the University of Vermont.  A brief stint (5 years) as a 35mm projectionist, and a number of freelance projects later I arrived at my current full time job – a Marketing and Technology Assistant for the Department of Student Life at UVM.  I’ve come so far (I mean this in equal parts sarcastically and authentically).  I get to be a college kid forever – minus the tuition.

A king among nerds, I enjoy myself some tweets, posts, grams, snaps, tumbles – and the occasional vine. You can usually find me huddled in a dark room enjoying a Pixar flick – though when the warm weather dictates I emerge from my apartment, I do enjoy a solid camping, kayaking, and/or biking trip.  A kind and gentle soul, I’ve been known to take too much pleasure in You Tubing videos of kids falling down.  Watch this, I dare you not to laugh.  I’m also notoriously bad at being in photos, yet have a dedicated hashtag with #SilfiesSelfie.  What can I say, contradiction is my middle name*.

*I can neither confirm nor deny that this is a true fact.