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30 Days of 30 Years

As of  11PM on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 I’ve officially traveled around the sun exactly 30 times.  I’ve experienced 29 New Years, 29 Christmases, 30 spring thaws, and had the pleasure of gathering with the people most important in my life to celebrate my entry into this world for exactly three decades. I’ve loved people and lost people and laughed and cried and through it all the time has flown by.  It’s easy to say that time flies…but you blink and another second has just slipped through your fingers.

My experience thus far in turning 30 is that it’s a milestone age like no other.  There’s a bizarre expectation that’s placed on the big 3-0, not only by others, but by yourself.  The expectation that your life as it is now should be more ‘fixed’ than when you’re in your wild 20’s – they you should be well on a preplanned path that you’ve set out on that winds the remainder of your life.  The expectation that you know know who you are. The expectation that you know how to be a well functioning human and adult – and quite frankly, at the age of 30, I feel like I’m failing every one of those expectations.

Over the past month I’ve been asked countless times how it ‘feels’ to be thirty (or rather turning thirty) – and the short of it is, technically, it feels the same as turning any other age.  And my experience has me questioning why I’ve got nothing more exciting to report back. Should it feel different?  Is turning thirty some sort of Logan’s Run-type right of passage where some major metamorphosis should be occurring in my life? I’ve been prepped for this to be a banner year for my existence but to be honest, a large chunk of it was (and continues to be) full of more questions and rebuilding; leaving me to think that if it takes 30 years on this planet to show a man who he truly is…I must have epically failed somewhere along the line.

This minor existential crisis spilled out through words I didn’t even know I were thinking during a margarita fueled conversation with a colleague and pal over how to celebrate what 30 years on this planet has meant to me in the face of feeling completely unprepared and unaccomplished in a world that has a pretty clear idea of what a life should look like decade by decade.  The things I’ve learned (and I’ve learned some), the things I’ve lost, the people that have come and gone – what 30 chapters in the story of my life could mean together rather than on their own; and thus the 30 Days for 30 Years challenge was born.  A 30 days of daily reflection on the lessons, advice, and musings that 30 years in this crazy, sad, amazing, wonderful, sappy, embarrassing, hilarious, loving world has taught me about myself, has taught the people around me, and informs how I choose to navigate my life.

So join me as I challenge myself to write, draw, and reflect on what countless journeys around the sun have meant to me.  I may not be the best voice, or be the most eloquent writer. I might not have the best advice – or even heed my own musings – but I’ve got 30 years worth of stories to tell; so let’s celebrate.

30 Days for 30 Years (30F30)

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